From online strategy to system design: bringing value with method

Invited Speaker – Erik Verdeyen – Sales and Marketing Manager of Internet Architect

Since 2005, Internet Architect has built itself a solid reputation in the domain of online services in Belgium. Its customer’s list includes large companies such as Carrefour, Colruyt, Base, Agfa, or Decathlon but also actors of the public sector such as the Federal Government, the Belgian National Bank, or the VRT. Erik Verdeyen, co-founder of the company, sales and marketing manager and business strategist, will explain how over the years, and through an evolving playing field, Internet Architect has developed its very own method to online products. The invited talk will be of special interest to the student wanting to discover the various and real-life aspects of on-line services development. It will also demonstrate
that methods described in the academic curricula may not only be relevant to the business world, but they can also be a factor of commercial success if applied with pragmatism.

Quand ? Vendredi 03 mai de 17h à 20h
Où ? 11ème étage / salle 210

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