Présentation sur les Data Quality Tools

Dries Van Dromme présentera le mercredi 13 mars 2013 un retour d’expérience sur l’utilisation des Data Quality Tools au sein de la Smals. La présentation est prévue de 18h à 20h au K4.601.

Le conférencier sera introduit par Isabelle Boydens, qui rappellera l’importance stratégique des travaux en Data Quality et la place centrale qu’ils occupent au sein des recherches du MaSTIC.

Télécharger les slides de la présentation.

Résumé :

Data Quality improvement is a continuous cycle aimed at “fitness-for-use”.
Data quality tools enable users to efficiently tackle a wide range of data quality problems. Without such tools, it would be costly, time consuming, or even impossible to remediate such problems. In this presentation, we’ll shed some light on the most important functionalities typically found in such tools, and what type of problem they allow the user to solve.  We’ll show how to expose the data quality problems, and how to treat them. We’ll show how the tools support the Data Quality Competence Centre at Smals, and how Data Governance projects are organized. The examples shown throughout the presentation are real-world examples taken from actual databases and applications.

Biographie du conférencier :

1995-2001, Master of Applied Sciences: Civil Electrotechnical Engineer, specialization “Automation & Data Mining” at K.U.Leuven

2001-2006, Research Assistant at K.U.Leuven, Fac. of Applied Sciences, dept. of Electrotechnical Engineering (ESAT): project McKnow: “Automated and User-oriented Methods & Algorithms for Knowledge Management”. Licences to exploit and implement the research results were acquired by ICMS Group NV, a company of the project’s User Committee.

2006-…, IT Research & Consultancy at Smals v.z.w.: Data Quality, Business Intelligence, Strategic Business Analytics for social security and e-Health

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